Homeschool Support

With several former homeschoolers on staff, our desire at MCA is to help homeschool families in any way that we can. We know sometimes it can be hard finding extracurriculars to participate in. Things like athletics, band, art classes, shop class, home ec, and drama camps are all things that we offer to homeschoolers at MCA.

As a parent, maybe there’s a math class or grammar study that is out of your depth – We have several tutors that would love to work with you and your student(s). At the end of the year, we offer standardized testing so that you can be confident that your student(s) are on track for their age and grade level.

Our goal is not to talk you out of homeschooling, or to convince you that your students should enroll at MCA. We would simply like to provide some opportunities that might bring you some peace of mind and elevate your students’ homeschooling experience.

MCA is here to help – Contact us today!